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Zerovolt Powers Mumbai's EV Revolution Amidst Monsoon Challenges

February 24, 2023




Aneek Depot, Mumbai


16 Days


Zerovolt, a trailblazer in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, embarked on a groundbreaking mission to establish a reliable and efficient charging station for Chalo, a transformative player in sustainable public transportation. The task involved setting up chargers and intricate infrastructure for the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) buses, encompassing comprehensive electrical and civil work in the notoriously heavy monsoon rains of Mumbai, India.


In the face of adverse weather conditions and logistical challenges, Zerovolt harnessed the collective expertise and unwavering enthusiasm of its team to execute the project swiftly and seamlessly. The team meticulously planned, designed, and executed the installation of cutting-edge 240 kWh chargers, along with handling complex electrical and civil works essential for a robust charging infrastructure.
The Zerovolt team exhibited exceptional resilience and determination, braving the torrential rains of Mumbai's monsoon season to complete the project within an astounding 16-day timeframe. The collaborative effort involved in-house experts and external partners working in tandem to ensure the successful deployment of the charging station at Aneek Depot.


The Zerovolt team's relentless dedication yielded remarkable outcomes. The charging station at Aneek Depot has been operating flawlessly since its installation, achieving zero downtime and providing uninterrupted charging services to BEST's fleet of electric buses. This accomplishment not only solidified Zerovolt's reputation as an industry leader but also played a pivotal role in advancing the cause of sustainable transportation in Mumbai.

Expanding Horizons

The success story did not stop at Aneek Depot. Zerovolt's commitment to excellence propelled them to extend the charging station, incorporating additional 240 kWh chargers. Collaborating with JBM, a leading bus manufacturer, Zerovolt played a significant role in facilitating a historic milestone: the charging of India's first electric double-decker bus. This achievement underscored Zerovolt's pivotal role in shaping the country's electric mobility landscape.


Zerovolt's ability to overcome challenging circumstances, coupled with their dedication to innovation and sustainable solutions, has left an indelible mark on Mumbai's EV infrastructure. The Aneek Depot project stands as a testament to Zerovolt's unwavering commitment to driving positive change and contributing to a cleaner, greener future for India's urban transportation. As the journey towards electrification continues, Zerovolt remains steadfast in its mission to lead the charge towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation ecosystem.

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